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Metallic pipe and cable location


Rycom Cap V3

The Rycom Cap V3+8869 EMF locator, which is more commonly known as a pipe and cable locator, is a quality mid-priced device suitable for locating communication cabling, copper water pipes and power cables. It is suitable for new entry level operators, new to the industry and professional locators who want to add an extra unit, but do not want to pay for features on higher priced units they may never use:

  • 3 Watt transmitter multiple frequencies 815Hz,4KHz, 8KHz, 33KHz,65KHz, 82KHz, 131KHz, 640KHz, [DFF] directional fault find, for use with fault finding [A-Frame] sold separately
  • Sonde mode, location frequencies 512 Hz, 640 Hz & 33 KHz [sondes sold separately]
  • Advanced digital board
  • Peak and Null
  • Passive modes, RF and power
  • DFF directional fault find mode, incorporated in the Rycom 8869 transmitter
  • Note [Rycom A-frame extra, not included in standard kit]
  • Easy locate mode left and right arrows
  • 4 antenna design receiver
  • Current and depth measurement
  • Induction clamp and direct connection cables
  • 3 years warranty and calibration period
  • Beginner's courses available, half day, one day packages also available [Leak Search will travel to all locations if required, price on request]

Rycom Electrical Fault Detector

Rycom electrical fault finder A-Frame sold separately, works in conjunction with the Rycom 8869 and 8879, or its own designated transmitter.

Rycom EMF Locator

Rycom 8879 EMF locator now available with either a 7 Watt rechargeable battery or in a 12 Watt D-cell replaceable battery version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBAT35U88g0


Rycom 8890 EMS marker locator, digital for better accuracy, multiple frequencies for locating water, telco, power, gas, sewer and CATV markers:

  • Required for locating fibre optic transponder markers
  • Digital depth to marker
  • Other personal frequencies are available
  • We also sell the EMS transponder markers
  • 2 year warranty, serviced in Australia by fully trained staff
  • Ask about the Nulca members buy price.

AD300 Lid Locator

AD300 lid locator for locating buried metal valve box covers, steel valves and metal survey pins.


Metallic and non-metallic location



IDS Opera Duo newest ground penetrating radar (GPR) dual aerial system available in two and four wheel versions:

  • IDS introduced the world’s first dual system GPR, now they have improved, with their Opera Duo GPR system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6F1Kl_7GPA
  • Auto calibration
  • 700 MHz and 250 MHz aerial
  • Reporting software included
  • Simple fast onsite setup
  • Folds for easy transport
  • Encoder on both rear wheels, for when one wheel is not touching the ground
  • Body pivots for rough terrain, less aerial distortion.

Water loss investigation equipment


Sewerin Steth 04 plumber's kit:

  • Low cost entry level water leak detector, for general leak detection
  • RF head phones
  • EM35 microphone with resonance plate to use as a ground mike
  • Compact carry case
  • Quality German manufactured with service support in Australi.

Sewerin Aquaphon A100

Sewerin Aquaphon A100 plumber's kit is our most popular kit for plumbers:

  • Provides high quality leak detection results
  • Comes in a smart looking soft PVC carry case with foam insert
  • Fully expandable to higher level microphone systems for hard and soft surfaces
  • EM30 a Hi dynamic microphone is combined with the A100 easy to read LCD control system, that has a scan mode for fine tuning water leak locations
  • Sewerin K3 noise reduction head phones
  • Acoustic pipe location feature for non-metallic pipe location, combined with acoustic thumpers [separately required unit]

Optional hard case is available, to upgrade to house different higher end microphone systems.

Sewerin Aquaphon A100 Professional

Sewerin Aquaphon A100 professional kit

Hard case and ground microphone which also includes the EM30 microphone and accessoires.

 Sewerin Aquaphon A200

Sewerin A200 professional acoustic microphone kit for water loss investigations. It is Sewerin's newest release and easier to use.


  • Large easy to read colour touch screen display
  • Advanced filtering technology for new entry leak detectors or the serious professional leak detector
  • Wireless RF head phones and microphone systems, less wind and hand noise sound transfer elimination
  • Acoustic pipe location feature for non-metallic pipe location, combined with acoustic thumpers [separately required unit].

AD Pipe Locator

AD pipe locator used in conjunction with an acoustic microphone for locating leaks on non-metallic services up to 25mm diameter over short distances, such as poly or PVC pipes.


Sewerin T10 Microphone

Sewerin T10 survey microphone  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm5rMC2A1jI


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