Mark Quartermaine owns and operates the company and has over 35 years experience in all aspects of hydraulic services within the water industry.

We have invested in the most technologically advanced electronic leak detection equipment and use industry best practice to detect leaks.

Our Water Loss Technicians are fully trained and have many years experience using methods that are highly developed and multi-layered. Technicians are trained to use an extensive array of sophisticated tools to interrogate all water losses in homes.

We test many different types of leak detection equipment to find the most suitable for a variety of applications.

Equipment includes:

  • Acoustic Ground Microphones

    Microphones are used to listen directly to valves or pipes or indirectly through the ground with various attachments, e.g. listening

  • Building Class Investigation Thermal Camera and Moisture Meter

    This camera and moisture meter enables Leak Search to interrogate houses for water loss investigations.

  • Thermal Imaging or Infrared Camera

    This handy tool is used to verify water leak locations. Trained Water Loss Technicians use thermal cameras to locate plumbing

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses electromagnetic waves

    When a signal meets an object or layer with different dielectric properties, part of that signal is deflected back to

  • Pipe Locaters to find Lost Services using NULCA Underground Asset Location procedures

    This can be done with a pipe and cable locator by sending a pulse down metallic service lines, e.g. 20mm

  • Acoustic Correlating Data Loggers

    Units are placed on the valves and hydrants no more than 150m apart and are programmed to turn on when

  • Correlators

    Correlators are two transmitters or accelerometers that measure the time difference between two points, from the mechanical vibration the water

  • GPS utility mapping is available via a hand-held unit with up-to-date maps of Western Australia

    GPS is used to locate remote and lost metallic and non-metallic service lines, site surveys, elevation levels and mapping service.

  • Flow and Pressure Monitoring Loggers

    Loggers are placed at the header tank water meter, (bore water meter) or both meters if they are available, to

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